Certificate of compliance with Customs Union Technical Regulations requirements (CU TR) Mandatory Certificate of Conformity Voluntary Certificate of Conformity Declaration of compliance with Customs Union Technical Regulations (CU TR) Declaration of Conformity Certificate of State Registration Fire Safety Certificate Letter of Exemption (VNIIS) Certificate of Rostekhnadzor Registration and certification assistance
Certification Center RosEuTest

Our mission – fostering of civilized business development through facilitation of certification process

Certification of products and services has long become an integral part of civilized business. Mandatory and voluntary documents that we can help You acquire confirm the quality of Your products, foster Your brands, and characterize Your company as adhering to modern rules of business conduct.

RosEuTest ― means thousands of happy customers, who have obtained various licenses and permits at record speed, including situations of force-majeure:

The team of experts at RosEuTest Certification Centre takes pride in solving unconventional situations, so typical for present-day Russia. Often we are contacted after failed attempts with other certification operators.

If You are far-away from Helsinki, this is not a problem: we have an excellent network of Regional Directors, so that You will receive all necessary documentation as quickly as those clients who are located next door.

You can be fully confident in professional managers of RosEuTest. You can count on our professional care right from the start.

You can always contact our Managers by phone or by e-mail.
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